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    Beta Pinene

    Beta Pinene in Tradeasia

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    Beta Pinene


    20 MT Iso Tank 20 Feet

    Brief Overview 

    Beta pinene is a colorless liquid, soluble in alcohol, but not water. It has a woody-green pine-like smell. It occurs naturally in rosemary, parsley, dill, basil and rose, There are two structural isomers found in nature: a-pinene and β-pinene.

    Manufacturing Process 

    Beta pinene is produced by putting alpha-pinene in a reaction kettle, adding a catalyst, raising the temperature to 120-180 degrees Celsius, and carrying out an isomerization reaction for 0.5-1 hour with a palladium catalyst using diatomite as a carrier. The invention discloses a method for isomerizing alpha-pinene into beta-pinene using a palladium catalyst and diatomite as the carrier, so that the method is simple in process and easy to operate, a catalyst method is simple, and high-purity beta-pinene is obtained; thus, the method provides a new idea for beta-pinene preparation.

    Fragrance and Flavor Industry

    Beta pinene is used as raw material for the synthesis of synthetic fragrance. They are the most important chemicals in the perfume industry. Beta pinene is also used for the formulation of flavor with tropical and citrus fruits. They are used in flavoring of food, tobacco and many industrial products.

    Soap and Detergent Industry

    Geraniol is a popular floral note prepared from beta pinene. This geraniol and its derivate are used in soap and detergent industry to add fragrances. The most common rose fragrances are also an odor of geraniol.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Beta Pinene is widely used in pharmaceutical industry as body massage oil and treats disease such as Rheumatism. These are used by aroma therapist because of their strong fragrance property. They function as disinfectants and deodorizers as well.

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