Refined Glycerine

Everything You Need to Know About Refined Glycerine

What is Refined Glycerine?

Refined glycerine, often known as glycerol, is a versatile and valuable chemical compound widely used in various industries. It is a colorless, odorless, and sweet-tasting liquid that belongs to the alcohol family, but unlike typical alcoholic beverages, it is non-toxic. Refined glycerine is renowned for its exceptional properties, making it a crucial ingredient in several products.

What is Refined Glycerine Made Of?

Refined glycerine can be derived from various sources, but its primary origin is usually through the hydrolysis of fats and oils. This process involves breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol using water and a catalyst. The refined glycerine is then further purified and distilled to remove impurities, resulting in a high-quality and pure form of glycerol.

The Difference Between Crude and Refined Glycerin

What is Crude Glycerin?

Crude glycerin, on the other hand, is the raw, unprocessed form of glycerol that is obtained during the biodiesel production process. It contains a wide range of impurities, including methanol, salts, and other contaminants, making it unsuitable for direct use in many applications.

What Makes Refined Glycerine Different?

The main distinction between crude and refined glycerine lies in their purity levels. Refined glycerine undergoes a rigorous purification process, eliminating nearly all impurities and achieving a higher standard of purity, typically 99.5% or higher. This high purity level makes refined glycerine suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, and personal care products.

Is Refined Glycerine Food Grade?

Yes, refined glycerine is widely considered to be food grade. Its high level of purity and non-toxic nature make it safe for use in food and beverage applications. You can find refined glycerine in various food products, including baked goods, dairy products, and confectionery items. Additionally, it is commonly used as a sweetener, humectant, and stabilizer in many food formulations.

In conclusion, refined glycerine is a vital component with diverse applications in numerous industries. It is a pure and safe substance derived from fats and oils, distinct from crude glycerin due to its superior purification process. The fact that refined glycerine is food grade further highlights its importance and safety for human consumption. Whether you encounter it in your favorite lotion, pharmaceuticals, or even a delightful dessert, you can now appreciate the wonders of refined glycerine.

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