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    Octyl Decyl Alcohol

    Octyl Decyl Alcohol in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name


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    Basic Info


    Colorless to pale yellow liquid

    Common Names

    Octanol and decanol


    1 @ 19 MT ISOTANK / 20ft FCL

    Brief Overview

    Octyl decyl alcohol is the formation of 2 fatty alcohol compounds with the chemical term of C8-10 and C8H17OH-C10H23OH. The compound is a pale-yellow liquid with a sweet pungent smell. The majority of the compound mixture is made from octanol and decanol. The compound is sourced from oil and fats that comes from palm, vegetable, and animals.

    Manufacturing Process

    The synthesis of octyl decyl alcohol is conducted by mixing both octyl (C8) and decyl (C10) alcohol that are made from the hydrogenation of fatty acid methyl esters. Initially, refined oil and fats undergo transesterification by adding methanol to produce fatty acid methyl esters. The methyl esters are further reduced into fatty alcohols by undergoing hydrogenation/reduction with aluminum lithium hydride. The various chains of fatty alcohol are isolated and purified through distillation process. At the downstream, octyl decyl alcohol is collected from the distillate.

    Industrial Applications

    The compound mainly functioned as adhesive sealants and chemical intermediates to fabricate surfactants. Moreover, the chemical is used in various industrial applications such as plasticizers, textile, chemical dispersants, and defoamers.

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