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Hydrogenated RBD Palm Stearin

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Brief Overview


Palm stearin is the co-product of palm oil refining process. The product undergoes hydrogenation process to become hydrogenated palm stearin. The difference between hydrogenated and regular RBD palm stearin is the amount of unsaturated chains of fatty acid molecules. Hydrogenated RBD palm stearin is known for it’s higher melting point than regular RBD palm stearin. In normal temperature, Hydrogenated RBD palm stearin appears white to a slightly yellow solid wax. It is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in gasoline, and is soluble in acetone, benzol, chloroform, alcohol, etc.


Manufacturing Process


PRBD palm stearin is obtained from fractionating RBD Palm Oil to separate olein from stearin. There are several methods of fractionating: dry and detergent fractionation.


Dry Fractionation: This is a fully physical process. It does not require the use of any chemical or additives so there is no yield loss and no contamination. There are no chemical changes to RBD palm oil. First, the RBD oil is heated to approximately 70ºC and homogenized to fully melt the glycerides, and then hot and homogenized oil is allowed to cool in a controlled manner. Chilled water is circulated in for cooling purposes. When the oil temperature reaches the desired cooling temperature, which depends upon the quality of RBD palm oil, the cooling process is stopped. The thick crystallized mass is filtered using drum rotary filter and membrane filter to liquid RBD palm olein and solid RBD palm stearin.

Raw Materials


Hydrogenated RBD palm stearin can be used in making stearates, soap, polish cream, candles, cosmetic and fertilizers. Hydrogenated RBD Palm Stearin is also an essential raw material used by shortening and margarine industries, as a source for producing specialty fats for coating in confectionery and in the manufacturing of oleochemicals.


Coating substitution material


The hydrophobic properties of hydrogenated palm stearin has the ability to form an oily layer that repels water from entering the coated layer of a material. In addition, the high melting point of hydrogenated RBD palm stearin allows crystallize structure. The structure improves the process of film forming during encapsulation.

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