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Say Hello to Sweetener!

Think, what will happen if our food turns to tasteless? Thankfully, in the modern age, the presence of chemicals can make our food delicious by imparting a sweet or sour taste to our meals. One application of food chemicals in our daily lives is that it functions as a sweetener which adds or enhances the sweetness to the food we consume such as candies, baked products and even beverages.

Nowadays everybody is concerned about their health. In this hectic lifestyle one can be fit and fine by having low calorie food. Sugar is one source to diabetes. Conventional sugar and high corn syrup are having high calorie content. One cannot turn sugar less in his life, but not to worry as we have low calorie sugar substitute which is sweet as sugar. You can have your favorite sweets with these low calorie sweetener. Also, food processing companies have low calorie sugar substitute in their product lines.


Fructose is monosaccharide which naturally occurs in fruits, vegetables, flowers, berries and honey. Fructose can be concentrated from these sources. It is used in beverages, juices to enhance the sweetness.

There are two methods for producing pure crystalline form of fructose. Corn Wet Milling Process by which corn is refined to make corn starch. This milled corn starch is further suspended with water in presence of an enzyme to produce fructose corn syrup. In Sugar Industry, the disaccharide bond in sucrose is enzymatically hydrolyzed to liberate glucose and fructose. In both processes, the fructose is then crystallized, dried, milled to desired particle size and packaged.

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It is the sweetest of all naturally occurring carbohydrates and cost effective sweetener.  Key applications of fructose include carbonated beverages, low calorie food products, energy drinks, and chocolate milk. Fructose interacts with other sweeteners and starches to boost sweetness make fluffy to baked goods and increase viscosity of foods and beverages.

According to business analyst, the global fructose market is likely to expand further from 2015-2022. Food and beverages industry will have greater usage of fructose due to its property of stability and sweetness.  Greater demand of fructose will enhance the overall manufacturing expansion of fructose.

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