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Palm Acid Oil Traders and Suppliers in India

Let’s take a look at what exactly does this substance Palm Acid Oil mean and what purpose does it serve to humans?

Palm Oil making produces a byproduct which is known as Palm Acid Oil. it is obtained from chemical refining of Palm Oil. 

Palm Acid Oil Specifications & Applications

Now to get into more detail of composition of Palm Acid Oil. Palm Acid Oil mainly contains Free Fatty Acids which is more than 50% of the total quantity, and also contains some impurities. The only difference between Palm Acid Oil and Palm Fatty Acid oil is the content of Fatty Acids. 

Palm Acid Oil uses consist of making laundry soaps, calcium soaps and animal feed formulations. According to its uses the variation of Palm Acid Oil may differ.

The main components of Palm Acid Oil (PAO) are free fatty acids, neutral oil and moisture.  Palm Acid Oil proves to be a suitable candidate for the base material for lubricant as it has very high Free Fatty Acid contents and is not edible.

Palm Acid Oil is used in large scale industries in soap making and animal feed production. It is not produced on a large scale outside Europe, just because it gives the Palm Fatty Acid Distillate as a byproduct instead of Palm Acid Oil which does not prove any beneficial to manufacturers.

Apart from what it is made of we also need to explore other important uses of palm acid oil

  • Animal Feed Manufacturing

Palm oil is used as a raw material for manufacturing animal feed

  • Biodiesel Industry

Palm Acid Oil is used as a base material for biodiesel manufacturing.

  • Chemical Factories

There are various palm based fatty acids which are manufactured using Palm Acid Oil:

  1. Palmitic Acid
  2. Oleic Acid
  3. Stearic Acid 
  4. Linoleic Acid
  • Laundry Soaps

It is a major product in the process of making laundry soaps.

Palm Acid Oil Price and Supply Chain

Of course, the price of Palm Price will vary from countries and also many suppliers provide it at a cheap rate according to the demand. Palm acid Oil price is said to be at $ 430/metric ton(according to US Currency and measurements).

Many suppliers and traders are in this business in India. As far as my research is concerned, there are plenty of Palm Acid Oil suppliers in India, who offer Palm Acid Oil at a cheaper rate, Tradeasia International being one of the leading industrial chemical suppliers in India.

Tradeasia Is being one of them supplying quality products. Some of the potential suppliers of palm acid oil are: 

  1. Tradeasia International
  2. IndiaMart
  3. TradeIndia
  4. ExportersIndia 

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