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Crushed Refined Soda

Crushed Refined Soda in Tradeasia


Trisodium Hydrogendicarbonate

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Basic Info


White Crystalline Solid

Common Names

Sodium Sesquicarbonate, Trona


400 @ 50 kg PP bag, 20 MT/ 20FCL

Brief Overview

Crushed refined soda (CRS) is naturally occurring sodium sesquicarbonate which is obtained after crushing and washing the trona ore. CRS has a chemical composition of Na2CO3.NaHCO3.2H2O and exist as a white crystalline solid. CRS is the primary source of sodium carbonate in the United States. CRS is often used in hair care, deodorants and bath products.

Manufacturing process

Crushed refined soda is obtained by crushing and washing trona ore which is obtained by mining.

Manufacturing of soda ash

Crushed refined soda is mainly used to manufacture soda ash where the CRS is heated to decompose into sodium carbonate which can be dissolved and recrystallized to form higher grade soda ash.

Effluent treatment

Crushed refined soda can be used to bring acidic effluents to neutral pH as it is a strong alkalizing agent.

Water treatment

Crushed refined soda is used as a precipitating water softener, which combines calcium and magnesium to form an insoluble precipitate removing hardness. It is also used in bath salts, swimming pools and as an alkalinity source in water treatment.

Flue gas treatment

Crushed refined soda can be used to scrub flue as it has excellent adsorption of nitrous oxides and sulfurous oxide as well as carbon dioxide, treating toxic gases to environmentally acceptable levels.


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