Crude Sulphate Turpentine (CST)

Crude Sulphate Turpentine (CST)

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  • 3805.00.00
  • C10H16

  • Liquid of Light Yellow Up
  • 8006-64-2
  • Crude Turpentine
  • ISO TANK BULK (20 MTs)
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Brief Overview:

Crude Sulphate Turpentine (CST) is a valuable extract from softwood. This renewable raw material is fractionated and the fractions are utilised in a wide range of applications including fragrances, flavours, detergents, solvents and thinners.


Manufacturing Process:

The method for the crude sulfate turpentine comprises the following steps that (1),CST conducted heat transfer enters a flashing tower to conduct flash separation, materials flowing from the bottom of the flashing tower are collected and sent to the middle portion of a vacuum rectifying column to be rectified and separated; (2), after materials flowing from the tower roof of the vacuum rectifying column are heat transferred, the materials enter an oxidation absorption tower to be oxidized and adsorbed; (3), materials after being oxidized and adsorbed enter an alkali wash reaction still and are alkali washed by alkaline solutions; (4), materials after being alkali washed enter a phase splitter, an upper layer oil phase acquired from layers being separated enters ithe vacuum rectifying column with a side line discharging to be separated, a α-pinene product is acquired from an upper side line and a β-pinene product is acquired from a lower side line.

Fragrances and Flavors

Alpha and beta pinene is a CST-derived colorless liquid used primarily to synthesize the linalool and terpineol fragrances. Pure α + β pinene is derived from different sources (the wise, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, coniferous trees and berries). The most prevalent and abundant terpene is α + β pinene of all materials.


Cosmetics Industry

Limonene pine acts as the chief olfactory ingredient of citrus and is a common ingredient in cosmetic products. It is also used as a flavor agent in a few medicines and in food manufacturing as well as a solvent for cleaning purposes.

Food & Beverages Agent

It is also used as a flavoring agent in some medicines and food manufacturing, as well as a cleaning solvent. Terpinene, especially alpha-terpinene, is a chemical flavoring agent used in the food industries.

Thinning of Oil-Based Paints

It is used as a solvent in many industries. Due to its high evaporation rate when it is mixed with paint it facilitates faster drying of the paint. CST is also used to remove paint from skin. It is also used to clean paint brush.

Varnishes Industry

CST can be used as protective coating or metal polish, if mixed with linseed oil and beeswax.

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