Manganese Carbonate

Manganese Carbonate

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  • Manganese carbonate
  • 2836.99.90
  • MnCO3
  • Rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder
  • 598-62-9
  • Manganese carbonate
  • 880 @ 25 kg Plastic woven bag
    22 MT / 20’ FCL
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Brief Overview


Manganese carbonate is a natural occurring inorganic chemical compound from the mineral Rhdochrosite with the chemical formula of MnCO3. Manganese carbonate is insoluble in water and most of the carbonates solution. Manganese carbonate is an essential compound for aerobic life and it is not considered as toxic chemical compound.


Manufacturing Process


Manganese carbonate is produced industrially in large scale by reaction of aqueous solution of Manganese salts with alkali metal carbonate solution.  Manganese carbonate product is obtained as faintly pink solid. Manganese carbonate is also manufactured industrially with the mixture of oil of vitriol, Pyrolusite and Pyrites ore mineral. The resulting mixture of reactants yields mixture of Manganese sulphate and Ammonium carbonate. Reaction mixture of Manganese sulphate and Ammonium carbonate gives high purity of 99% Manganese carbonate solid.

Fertilizer Industry: Used in fertilizer industry to cure manganese deficient crops as an additive to the plants. Manganese carbonate is used in fertilizer industry as a trace element fertilizer.


Chemical Industry: Used as a raw material for the production of ferrite, catalyst of desulfurization, pigment of enamel, siccative of varnish, Phosphating process and the production of Manganese salts. Manganese carbonate decomposes with release of carbon dioxide at 200 °C to give manganese(II) oxide. This method is sometimes used in the production of manganese dioxide for dry-cell batteries and for ferrites.


Other Applications: Used as a glaze colorant in ceramic industry and in medicine as a hematinic. It is used as pigment and for drying varnishes. Manganese carbonate is also used in the manufacture of medicine ancillary equipment and mechanical parts.

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