Beta Pinene

Beta Pinene

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  • 6,6-Dimethyl-2-methylenebicyclo[3.1.1]heptane
  • 2902.19.00
  • C10H16
  • Colorless Liquid
  • 127-91-3
  • Nopinene
  • 112 @ 175 kg Galvanized Iron Drum
    20.16 MT / 20'FCL
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Brief Overview
Turpentine, also known as resin, is a semi fluid substance obtained from the bark of pine trees. This turpentine consists of two main components: turpentine oil (volatile), and rosin (colophony). The crude turpentine is distillate to get turpentine (a mixture of tarpon and other compounds), among which pinene is the most abundant monoterpene. The pinene has two isomers: alpha pineneand beta Pinene.


Beta pinene, also known as Rosemarel, is an organic compound. It is a colorless oil type liquid with a woody green pine like smell. Beta pinene is the most abundant compound which is released from forest trees. Beta pinene exist as enantiomers in nature and both the enantiomers (Levorotatory and Dextrorotatory) are recognized. Levorotatory is common in European pines and Dextrorotatory in North America. 

Manufacturing Process
The most common and significant industrial process is the fractional distillation of Turpentine oil. About 90% of Beta pinene produced worldwide is produced with this approach. The extraction process is refined and terpene is obtained in this process. The terpene obtained in this way is a mixture of hydrocarbon from fractional distillation.

Fragrance and Flavor Industry
Beta pinene is used as raw material for the synthesis of synthetic fragrance. They are the most important chemicals in the perfume industry. Beta pinene is also used for the formulation of flavor with tropical and citrus fruits. They are used in flavoring of food, tobacco and many industrial products. 

Soap and Detergent Industry
Geraniol is a popular floral note prepared from beta pinene. This geraniol and its derivate are used in soap and detergent industry to add fragrances. The most common rose fragrances are also an odor of geraniol.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Beta Pinene is widely used in pharmaceutical industry as body massage oil and treats disease such as Rheumatism. These are used by aroma therapist because of their strong fragrance property. They function as disinfectants and deodorizers as well.

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