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Name Appearance Origin TDS MSDS
Crude Palm Stearin (Indonesia Origin) Yellow to Red, Semi Solid Indonesia
Triple Pressed Stearic Acid 1820 White, Bead, Prill Indonesia
Acetic acid 99.7% Clear, Colorless Liquid India
Acetonitrile Colourless Liquid India
Acidic potassium phosphate White Powder India
Acrylic acid Colorless Liquid India
Activated carbon granular Black Granule India
Activated carbon powder Powder India
Agar Milky or Yellowish fine crystalline powder India
Alpha Pinene 95% Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid, Clear Transparent Liquid China
Alpha Pinene 95% Colourless Liquid India
Alpha Pinene 97% Clear Liquid Indonesia
Alpha Terpineol Colorless Liquid China
Alum Colorless cubic crystals, lump crystal India
Aluminium chloride 98% Light Yellow Powder India
Aluminium hydroxide 99.5% White Powder India
Anthracite 65% Black Granule India
Ascorbic acid White crystal India
Aspartame- food grade White crystalline powder India
Aspirin White Powder India

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